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A FUSION OF MEDITERRANEAN NATURAL ESSENCESAgua de Colonia Concentrada by Álvarez Gómez is a unisex “Eau de Cologne“ included in the Citrica Aromatica family. This is a RELEASEABLE format. It is a very fresh and energetic perfume, of Spanish origin, that captures several essences of the Mediterranean, to make the moment of cleaning a sensory experience.This fragrance was launched in 1912 by Álvarez Gómez laboratories in Madrid. A clean and soft aroma, which becomes a daily accessory, thanks to its lightness. It is endowed with several essential oils, which provide beneficial effects to our body, such as calmness and well-being. Its wake, maintains the original formula, which after more than a century is completely unchanged. It does not follow the classic olfactory pyramid of staggered lines, its aroma remains constant without going through any kind of phase, thus giving prominence to all the ingredients equally. It is composed of lavender, eucalyptus, geranium, lemon and essential oils.REFILLABLE BOTTLE. This bottle contains a vaporizer screwed into its neck, which allows us to unscrew it for refilling.MEDITERRANEAN ELEMENTS. This cologne is composed solely of Mediterranean ingredients, evoking its purest aroma, lemon of Amalfi, lavender of Provence, Spanish geranium and eucalyptus.POINT OF UNION. Álvarez Gómez, is a family business of Madrid origin, which created this fragrance that has become a classic of Spanish perfumery, able to unite generations without limits of borders.


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